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Intel Alpine Ridge Thunderbolt controller to bump bandwidth up to 40Gb/s

A slide show shows that Intel will be introducing a third generation Thunderbolt controller with up to 40Gb/s bandwidth, doubling up the existing thunderbolt device’s bandwidth. The Alphine Ridge controller will be doing so per single cable.

According to the information provided by the slide, This will use the existing PCIe 3.0 and have up to 50% reduced power consumption. It can also charge devices and support up to two ultra HD (4K) displays via a single cable. The next generation thunderbolt implementation is designed keeping future generation desktop and mobile PCs with skylake micro-processors. Therefore, the implementation is expected somewhere in late 2015- early 2016.As of now, its not clear if the thunderbolt 3.0 cable will use optical fibre or copper as the means for data transfer.

The third gen thunderbolt will also have USB and HDMI modes, along with the existing TBT and Display Port 1.2 modes. Because of this implementation, it should be possible to connect large panels using Thunderbolt 3 and allow USB hubs into Thunderbolt-enabled devices. The controller will be available in single thunderbolt port or as a dual-port connector.

Though because of this implementation, it will require a different connector. The current users of Thunderbolt devices and storage units will require to buy converters with 3rd gen thunderbolt devices should they choose to use it with their PC. The new connector will be 3mm tall and designed more for notebooks.

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