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Supplies of DRAM will still be tight throughout 2014

Around September 2013, one of SK Hynix’s DRAM manufacturing facilities was caught on fire, which resulted in reductions of DRAM productions. Though the company did point out that their factory in Wuxi, China would bounce back and start with regular yields, it output level of these chips have still not resumed its normal level. Because of the fire, the flash NAND maker lost 1/2 of their usual DRAM manufacturing potential of 260,000 units per month, which in itself is more than 10% of the total DRAM manufacturing throughout the world.

It was earlier reported that Samsung would be trying to make up for it, but its not easy as one would imagine.

sk hynixIts been said that their Wuxi facility is producing unsatisfactory yields to a point where some of their partners have rejected the entire shipments. Since the supply is shorter than demand at this point- and rising, the prices of flash memory will still rise throughout the year.

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