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Swiftech working on H220X featuring a completely new AIO WC design

Swiftech had a tough time since Asetek filed a lawsuit of which stopped them to sell in United States, though it was found that many enthusiasts in U.S. made a group order via Canada-based online retailers. Still, Swiftech was not able to push it further, but they’re ignoring the problems and working on a radical design- at least by the looks of it. Swiftech recently has uploaded some pictures of the upcoming AIO cooler that they’re going to bring.

Pictures of Swiftech’s work-in-progress AIO Water Cooler apparently called ‘H220X’ is in the works. The company has put pictures of the newer units along with other photographs. The newer design seems to have a reservoir and built in-radiator, cooled by a new block design. It is being also said that it would come with 3 different radiator sizes, with a pump powerful enough to provide enough power to cool graphic cards and memory by extending the tubing the DIY way.


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