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Valve outs SteamVR BETA; Oculus Rift for the Big Picture, Ahoy!!!

Valve said that their new BETA Steam now supports Oculus VR’s Rift developer kit. This can be accessed by using “-vr” command line via SteamVR Interface and then using it on Big Picture.

As expected from a BETA version, end users who have the DEV kit will have to take more steps. As of now 14 games are primed and ready for VR, including Team Fortress 2, Orange Box, Slender: The Arrival, Surgeon Simulator 2013 (check the video for the lulz!!) and more.


Though the company didn’t really make a big announcement about it, most likely due to the fact that its BETA. Still, this is a good sign- and considering that 14 games are now Oculus Rift compatible (pretty good numbers for something that’s still in development mode), it shows how serious Valve is about Oculus Rift VR.

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