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3DMark result goof-up with multi-GPU rigs fixed

Futuremark recently said that they’ve fixed the issue with 3DMark’s inaccurate results with multiple GPUs. It was assumed by Futuremark at first that it was nothing more than a minor driver issue, but it turned out to be far more complicated to fix.

The issue happened due to Windows 7’s KB2670838 update, which provides partial DX11.1 support for the operating system. Along with this fix and the fixing the resulting issue with up to 4 GPU setup, Futuremark also fixed a problem with bloom post-processing effecting when used with high resolutions and custom settings.

The update also contains a test called ‘Ice Storm Extreme’. Now Android and Windows users can do a comparison of their devices with these tests. Futuremark also adds that there will be an update which will add support for Windows RT and iOS devices.

Ice Storm Extreme is a benchmark test made for Windows tablets, ultrabooks and notebooks which raises the rendering resolution to 1080p and renders high-quality textures and other post-processing effects which puts a load fit for latest mobile devices.

The newer version (3DMark V1.1.0) can be downloaded from here

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