AMD A10 7800 Kaveri APU


Introducing AMD’s most advanced APU technology. The AMD A10-7800 challenges the very definition of a processor with 12 Compute Cores (4 CPU + 8 GPU) and innovative Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture.


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Model A10-7850K A10-7800 A10-7700K A8-7600 A6-7400K
Radeon  Radeon™ R7 graphics Radeon™ R5 graphics
Compute Cores 12
(4 CPU + 8GPU)
(4 CPU + 6GPU)
(2 CPU + GPU)
CPU Clock 4.0/3.7 3.9/3.5 3.8/3.4 3.8 GHz/3.1 3.9/3.5
GPU Clock 720 MHz 756 MHz
TDP 95 W 65 W/45 W 95 W 65 W/45 W 65 W/45 W
L2 Cache 4 MB 1 MB
DDR3 Speed 2133 1866
Display  HDMI 1.4a, Display Port 1.2, DVI
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From Hardware BBQ:

When it comes to low-end gaming, AMD A10 7800 does a pretty decent job. In comparison with the olderAMD A10 6800K and handful of tests with G3258– it manages to hold its position.The only advantage of an APU is an attached processing unit. If you slap a GPU in it with your newer build or sometime in the near future, that advantage is gone. But it also depends on the cost of the APU as well.

From Benchmark Reviews:

The A10-7800 includes the best integrated graphics cores yet seen on a CPU, and offers all of the latest GCN/Radeon/HSA features for less. Maybe it’s only suited for a narrow range of uses that enthusiasts wouldn’t necessarily be interested in, but perhaps we need to remember that the market range of uses for the A10-7800 is probably much larger – for those users, the A10-7800 can be a pretty compelling option.

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