Predator DDR4 HX430C15PBK4_16_19

Kingston HyperX Predator 16GB 3000MHz DDR4 Quad-Channel Memory Kit

SKU: HX430C15PB2K4/16

Prey on the competition with HyperX® Predator DDR4, offering low CAS latency and the most aggressive timings on high-speed modules for a new generation of performance. HyperX Predator’s Intel XMP profiles are optimised for X99 motherboards for compatibility and easy overclocking. Like you, Predator DDR4 keeps its cool while gaming, for a cooler and quieter PC. Stand out from the crowd and maximise heat dissipation with Predator’s signature tall heat sink, now in black.


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    • JEDEC: DDR4-2133 CL15-15-15 @1.2V
    • XMP Profile #1: DDR4-3000 CL15-16-16 @1.35V
    • XMP Profile #2: DDR4-2666 CL14-14-14 @1.35V
    • Power Supply: VDD=1.2V Typical
    • VDDQ = 1.2V Typical
    • VPP – 2.5V Typical
    • VDDSPD=2.2V to 3.6V
    • Nominal and dynamic on-die termination (ODT) for data, strobe, and mask signals
    • Low-power auto self-refresh (LPASR)
    • Data bus Inversion (DBI) for data bus
    • On-die VREFDQ generation and calibration
    • Single-rank
    • On-board I2 serial presence detect (SPD) EEPROM
    • 16 internal banks; 4 groups of 4 banks each
    • Fixed burst Chop (BC) of 4 and burst length (BL) of 8 via the mode register set (MRS)
    • Selectable BC4 or BL8 on-the-fly (OTF)
    • Fly-by topology
    • Terminated control command and address bus
    • Height 2.166” (55.00mm), w/ heatsink
    • CL(IDD): 15 cycles
    • Row Cycle Time (tRCmin): 46.5ns(min.)
    • Refresh to Active/Refresh: 260ns(min.)
    • Command Time (tRFCmin): 33ns(min.)
    • Row Active Time (tRASmin): TBD W*
    • Maximum Operating Power: 94 V – 0
    • UL Rating: 94 V – 0
    • Operating Temperature:  0°C to +85°C
    • Storage Temperature: -55°C to +100°C
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From Hardware BBQ:

HyperX Predator compliments the i7-5960x+ Intel x99 platform. There are bugs on Gigabyte X99-UD4, but Kingston needs to poke them to ensure a broader range of compatibility. This kit overclocked up to 3126MHz, but it doesn’t really affect real-world performance. Who knows, maybe with the Intel XMP profile 1’s timing and better compatibility, this kit would be brilliant! Heatspreader design should be low-profile.

Score: 7.3 out of 10

From Legit Reviews:
This is our first individual look at a DDR4 memory kit and it’s déjà vu all over again. Over the years we have seen that running higher than the JEDEC standard memory clock frequencies most certainly has performance benefits, but at a certain clock speed the performance curve starts to taper off although pricing continues to go sky high as memory companies charge a big premium for clock speeds. When we started out this review we were hopeful that we’d see good scaling from 2133MHz to 2666Mhz and then finally 3000MHz, but we have to admit that we are a bit disappointed with the results.
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