Lamptron FC Touch display 5

Lamptron Touch Six-Channel Fan Controller

The Lamptron FC Touch brings smart touch screen functionality to your fingertips for fan control. Control up to 6 channels in either manual or auto of your choice. Each channel can have its own independent automatic parameter in which you can adjust to your own specific needs. Each channel features up to 30w of output.


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  • Faceplate Color: Black Anodized/Silver Aluminium
  • Dimension:148.5mm X 42.5mm X 64.5mm (5.25inch bay)
  • Screen Dimension:118mm X 31.5mm
  • Power Output:Up to 30W per channel
  • Control Channels: 6


  • CNC milled front panel
  • Clean and streamlined interface
  • Streamlined touch functionality to control your fans
  • Choose between RPM or Voltages and Celsius or Fahrenheit for readout
  • Set the channel in either Automatic or Manual control to control the fans
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From Hardware BBQ:

The main benefit this has is the ability to display fan speed- RPM or Voltage. The display is fairly responsive and, therefore, you shouldn’t feel frustrated when you’re trying to go around the functions- most of the time. The lower section of the screen is a bit of a challenge to operate especially for those with larger hands. Operating the left/right arrows to change the fan profile display can be a bit frustrating at times.

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