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A new AMD FX desktop processor to be unveiled??

amd_fx_water_coolingThe last time we checked, AMD didn’t have any processor lined up for FX series in its 2014 roadmap. Maybe that has changed- or maybe not! Roy Taylor, AMD’s VP of Global Sales have posted a picture of an AMD FX desktop processor box shot with a new design.


Though, conveniently the specification of the side cannot be seen properly, I think its safe to assume that the water splashing action over the ‘AMD FX’ processor implies that a water-cooler. Though its still too premature to assume that AMD is finally releasing FX Series processor lineups. Maybe they’re simply providing a closed-loop water cooling unit alternative for some of their FX series GPU with high TDP.

FX-8000 series have 125w TDP whereas FX-9000 series touches 220w bar. Meanwhile, Devil’s Canyon processor i7-4970K has a TDP of 88w.


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