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Activision announces dates for Call of Duty championship

32 teams from across the world will be chosen to compete in Activision’s third Call of Duty championship which will carry a jaw-dropping $1 Million cash prize pool. COD: Modern Warfare will be played and the grand finals will be held on March 27-29th in Los Angeles and will be broadcasted via Xbox Live network.


For dates and locations for qualifiers, you can check this link.

This may be a surprise to see that Activision is pushing a console as a platform to promote competitive gaming, especially with a first person based game that has a very large fanbase on PC. But hey! $1 Million is a lot of money. This is the 5th Call of Duty championship but isn’t the only game to pull such a large prize pool. Valve’s “The International” is also in the news for the same reason, involving DOTA 2.

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