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ADATA Premier Pro SP920SS (ASP920SS-256GM-C) 256GB SSD Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Packaging and Specification
  3. Closer Look
  4. Test Setup and Testing Methodology
  5. AS SSD Benchmark
  6. ATTO Benchmark
  7. AIDA64 Access Test
  8. Boot Load Test
  9. TRIM Test
  10. CrystalDisk Mark Benchmark
  11. HDTune Pro Benchmark
  12. Futuremark Benchmarks
  13. Anvil Benchmark
  14. Conclusion
  15. Online Purchase Links
  16. View All


Though ADATA didn’t mention which benchmark they’ve used, they advertised its 25GB unit to churn out up to 560MB/s read and 350MB/s as Write. If you’re considering that to be run using ATTO Benchmark via a native SATA 6Gb/s port, yeah pretty much meets the advertised performance. Considering how certain SSD makers over exaggerate about their SSD’s performance in a vague manner, at least, ADATA seems to do it right in this case.


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