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AMD A10 7800 ‘Non-K’ Kaveri APU Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Test Setup and Testing Methodology
  3. Compression Benchmark
  4. Futuremark Benchmarks
  5. Processing Benchmark
  6. Encoding Benchmarks
  7. Encryption Benchmark
  8. AIDA64 Benchmark
  9. Game Benchmarks
  10. Conclusion
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When it comes to low-end gaming, AMD A10 7800 does a pretty decent job. In comparison with the older AMD A10 6800K and handful of tests with G3258– it manages to hold its position.

The only advantage of an APU is an attached processing unit. If you slap a GPU in it with your newer build or sometime in the near future, that advantage is gone. But it also depends on the cost of the APU as well.

In India, AMD A10 7800 is not listed for sale anywhere. Not just in Amazon India or Flipkart, but also Prime ABGB and The IT Depot. The only ones that are listed is the AMD A10 7850K is between Rs. 12,930 to Rs. 13,100. Intel did a very good job in pricing its G3258 which is priced at Rs. 5,279/-. Bundle it with a decent motherboard and an aftermarket CPU cooler and you have a base rig where you can slap on a graphic card at some point. Intel G3258 provides incredible value overall if you think about it. It has a strong single-threaded performance. If you bundle with a good motherboard and cooler, you can get it to bit more than 4 GHz. AMD A10 7800 is a locked APU and that’s its handicap. Weird part is that 6800K is listed. Do Indian retailers don’t see the point in stocking AMD A10 7800? Your guess is as good as mine.

At the time of writing, AMD A10 7800 costs US$ 141.99 (INR 9,039/-) whereas G3258 costs $69.99 in Amazon US.

For AMD A10-7800

India U.S. U.K. France
NA $141.99 £102.06 133.19 EUR

For AMD A10-7850k

India U.S. U.K. France
Rs. 12,199/- $152.99 £110.10 139.99 EUR

For Intel Pentium G3258

India U.S. U.K. France
Rs. 5,279/- $69.99 £50.49 EUR 58.01

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