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AMD Rome EPYC 2 64-Core chip benchmark featured in SiSoft Sandra

Benchmark listings prove the existence of any upcoming CPU or GPU. An early sample of the AMD Rome EPYC 2 processor with 64-cores and 128-thread running at 2.2GHz is spotted in SiSoft Sandra’s benchmark database.

Based on the listed, the CPU is identified as ZS1406E2VJUG5_22 / 14 running on a Dell PowerEdge R7515 server. While this is a dual-socket based server, these specifications are from a single CPU. This is double the count of AMD EPYC 7601 which has 32 cores/ 64 threads clocked at 2.2/3.2 GHz with 64MB L2 cache running with 180-watt TDP.

The ‘Z’ denotes a pre-production sample and hence gives a good enough look at its upcoming datacentre CPU offerings. These are likey one of the samples given to their partners for internal and qualification testing. The Base/Boost clock is 1.4GHz. 2.2 GHz on all physical cores with 64x 512KB L2 Cache and 256MB L3 Cache. The TSMC-made 7nm Zen2 will bring higher IPC on a smaller fabrication process and lower power consumption. It promises to lower the power consumption by half compared to the previous generation. While this is attractive for a Zen 2 architecture, this will be a larger key factor for data-centre usage.

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