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AMD FX-8570 CPU and HD8970 GPU information surfaces

The proof of existence of FX-8570 CPU and the AMD Radeon’s HD 8970 GPU has been found as it was sent for CPU-Z validation. The Validation URL showed that there is an AMD FX-8570 processor which is an 8 Core unit. which was clocked at 4.3GHz
What’s also very interested is the card being used on the system with this processor as it pointed out AMD Radeon HD 8970 clearly.

AMD’s FX-8320 is based on 32nm Vishera core with 8MB L3 Cache. It was tested on Crosshair IV Extreme, but it should be pointed out that the MB brand shows as ‘ASRock’, when infact the board is made by Asus. That itself raises suspicion about the so-called CPU-Z screenshot provided by Ocaholic. If it turns out to be fake, its going to do nothing more than damage ocaholic’s reputation.

As of now, no information is given yet. Stay tuned for any confirmations or updates!


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