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AMD Kaveri APUs may show up at Feb 2014

AMD would most likely only start releasing the upcoming Kaveri lineup of APUs in February 2014 due to the issue that their mass production will only be ready by the end of 2013. AMD already making plans to launch Kaveri APUs by 2H 2013. But according to the report, the chipmaker can only send production samples of 2 A10 APUs and 1 A8 ‘Kaveri’ APUs which will have HSA that will be shipped to their clients and partners, obviously of them being the respected motherboard manufacturers.

Previously, it is also previously reported that AMD would be using the newer naming schema from what was thought to be called as AMD Radeon HD 9xxx series.


AMD also made plans to release HSA based APUs codenamed ‘Berlin’ for Server and ‘Beema’ which would be replacing Kabini APU series.

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