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AMD Launch the Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition

In a bid to wave of attack from the GK104 based Nvidia 680, AMD has decided to increase the stock clocks on the 7970 and also give it an additional boost of 50MHz. Therefore calling this as a Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition. This combined with the improved drivers should be a better match to the “Green Team”.  To achieve these higher clocks the voltages have been bumped up on the cards which lead to higher power draw and higher heat which then leads to higher noise levels. Since the card itself has not been re-engineered, this could be a major factor when deciding between Nvidia’s flagships and AMD’s. Both cards trade blows with each other and goes head to head based on which game is chosen. The higher RAM in the 7970 does it give it a slight edge over the 680 when multi-monitor setups are deployed. A detailed review can be found below.

[quote]..Three months ago NVIDIA launched their GeForce GTX 680 to rave reviews and a boatload of editor recommendations, reclaiming their crown for the fastest single-GPU video card in the process.  And for the first time in many years, NVIDIA didn’t just beat AMD on raw performance, but they achieved the complete holy trifecta of video card competition – higher gaming performance, lower power consumption, and a lower price.

Consequently, for AMD this launch marked both the closest and the farthest they’ve ever been from outright beating NVIDIA in modern times. On the one hand, NVIDIA beat them by more than usual by achieving the holy trifecta as opposed to focusing just on performance. And yet on the other hand when it comes to raw performance AMD has never been this close. Where the GTX 580 beat the 6970 by 15% the GTX 680 led by just 10%, and even then it lost to the 7970 on some games. With such a close gap an obvious question arises: maybe, just maybe AMD could meet or beat NVIDIA with a higher clocked 7970 and rival them for the performance crown?[/quote]

Source: AnandTech

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