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AMD to use new naming scheme for their Radeon Graphics

AMD will be using the new naming for their Graphic cards, APUs, WorkStation cards and embedded solution, followed by notebook graphics. What was reported that the graphics that that called them as ‘AMD Radeon HD 9000 series’ will be starting with the naming scheme Radeon R8-xxxx or R9-xxxx.

The graphics on the AMD APUs will also have a new name scheme ‘R2’ and ‘R3’ graphics for their Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) Kaveri APU. These APUs will be using graphic engines named codenamed ‘Spectre’ and ‘Spooky’ which should be based on GCN architecture.

There will be 18 models for the Kaveri family of APU when launched which will varies between clock speed and graphic components.

Most likely ‘R2’ would probably be the entry level graphics so there would be R5, R6 and so on. According to another source that seem to be the first to report, the ‘M’ letter will be used to indicate mobile graphics. There would be other letter for desktop graphics, FirePro cards and Servers for VDI and GPU computing, whereas ‘A’ prefix will always be used for APUs.


As far as the graphic components on APUs are concerned, desktop APU graphics ‘Spectre’ has 65 and 100w TDP and ‘Spooky’ has 65W TDP. FirePro A series would be using ‘Spectre’ graphics with 65W and 100W TDP, same for the embedded solution ‘R’ Series, but with 17w TDP and 35w TDP, followed by the same for notebooks with either 17, 25 and 35w TDP.

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