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AMD outs FX 4350 and FX 6350 Processors

AMD recently released 2 processors under its ‘FX’ unlocked series of processors: FX 4350 and FX 6350.

FX 4350 is a Quad Core processor with 4.2GHz clock speed with 125W TDP and it comes with the price tag of $129.99. The FX 6350 is a 6 core processor with 3.9GHz clock speed and comes with 125W TDP, priced for $139.99.

Specifications are as follows:

Core Vishera Vishera
Multi-Core Six-Core Quad-Core
Name FX-6350 FX-4350
Operating Frequency 3.9GHz 4.2GHz
L2 Cache 6MB 4MB
L3 Cache 8MB 8MB
Manufacturing Tech 32 nm 32 nm
64-bit Support Yes Yes
Hyper-Transport Support Yes Yes
Integrated Memory Controller Speed DDR3 DDR3
Virtualization Technology Support Yes Yes
Thermal Design Power 125W 125W

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