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AMD Phenom II Series will be tagged as EOL (End of Life) by the end of this year

In order to keep up with the times (hopefully), AMD has informed its partners that the best selling 45nm Phenom II processors will be reach “End of Life” officially by the end of this year.

The processors that will be phased out are Phenom II X2 555, 560 and 565 80W TDP, followed by X4 955. AMD Phenom II X4 965 with 125W TDP and 8MB cache will be phased out by September 2012. Phenom II was launched in 2008 and that was AMD’s real answer to Intel’s Core 2 Duo counterparts (although AMD taken a hit with first Phenom and taken about 2 years since the time of Intel’s C2D launch at that time to bring something to go head-to-head).

AMD’s move to classify them as EOL will make many people (I do) think about how will Piledriver’s will be once they come out during Q3 2012, as reported here – starting with AM3+ socket FX- 8350 that will be running @ 4GHz with TDP of 125w. Pretty sure all AMD Fanboys (and non fanboys) will not want to see this as another Bulldozer.


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  1. It’s BullDozer which should be EOLed instead of Phenom II .. though new BullDozer can never reach the performance level of Phenom II … I’m wondering what made AMD take such “wrong” step.

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