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AMD preps Kaveri Refresh desktop APUs “Godavari’

AMD will be introducing newer lineups of APUs. These, however, are ‘Kaveri Refresh’ models named ‘Godavari’. AMD also shipped some Kaveri Refresh samples to certain companies so APU should be out for retail by June. These are aimed as low-t0-mid end variants.

According to the information in hand, AMD would be releasing twelve models of newer AMD APUs, ten of which are A-Series variant and two for the Athlon series. Just like the 28nm-based Kaveri APUs, Godavari will have a choice of two or four steamroller cores and use the same FM2+ sockets. It is unknown as of now if these will require newer chipsets. But judging by how AMD did things in the near past, it shouldn’t be surprising if all one needed to do to make it work is simply a new BIOS update.


These will be named under A-8xxx series. There’s nothing really new as far as core architecture, but it should be noted that AMD is an A10- 7850K accelerated processing units, a Kaveri-based 952 TDP APU with a base clock of 3.7GHz. A review of AMD A10-7800 APU points out that the red team REALLY needs to step up as it lagged behind Intel G3258 Pentium processor.

The only difference is that the refresh versions will have higher clocks on the CPU and the GPU. As far as unlocked APUs are concerned, AMD would be having A6-8550K, A8-8650K and A10-8850K with 3.7GHz base clock. There’s also unlocked Athlon x4-870K. These APUs have a TDP variant of 65W and 95w.
For those who don’t know, Kaveri refresh is named after the second largest river in India.

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