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AMD to bundle FX-9590 with CM AIO Cooler

Earlier, we posted a news about an AMD exec posting a picture with a new box art involving AMD FX series logo. During that time, no information about the processor lineups was given, except that I was pretty confident it involved a closed-loop CPU cooler.I had hopes that AMD would evolve beyond Vishera for its FX-Series lineups, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen at all.

FX-9590-1234However, AMD is simply re-launching the FX-9590 with the AIO cooler. There’s no difference between this retail version and the previous model otherwise. Its the same Vishera FX-Series desktop processor with 219w TDP. The MSRP of the chip will obviously get a bump since an AIO cooler is included. AMD Fx-9590 OEM FXis currently sold at $322.49, and Cooler Master Seidon 120 AIO LCS is for about $60 in retail.

Senior Spokesperson for AMD Bernard Fernandes said,“With a 5GHz boost clock and 8 powerful cores coupled with an effective cooling solution, it is our highest performance desktop processor. This is ideal for enthusiasts who want to build the best of AMD with an AMD Radeon R9 graphics card.”

Interestingly, sources indicated that AMD is most likely bundling this processor with Coolermaster Seidon 120 LCS CPU cooler.  At this point, only FX-9590 is bundled with this cooler:

FX-9590-123Source: 1

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