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AMD to sell Lone Star campus in Austin

AMD is selling their 58-Acre Lone Star campus between $150 Million and $200 Million, most likely going to seal the deal during Q2 2013.

What also came into light that AMD Headquarters in Sunnyvale, California and their offices in Toronto, Canada were sold and leased in the part. Not a good for a company that makes Processors, Chipsets, Memory and GPU for a living. Off late AMD is sacking many of their engineers and trying to find a new market to their chips as it faces a decrease in cash reserves.

amd_lone_star_campusWhen you read a chain of events- ever since many people have been fired, you do feel that a manufacturer which once the legendary 939 socket processors which overshadowed Intel, putting its Pentium 4 processors to shame.

There may be some small ray hope for AMD, although its speculation to say they will. FM1 Socket processors will be phased out during Q1-Q2 2013 and complete the transition towards FM2 socket series processors till the time Richmond arrives in 2013. AMD really need to step up and find ways to save their business by making good performing processors, especially in single-threaded performance.

Source: Reuters

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