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AMD Wraith CPU Cooler

AMD shows-off its upcoming Wraith CPU Air Cooler

Not many things are being said about stock CPU coolers in general, unless they’re used to make aftermarket CPU cooler look much better, whether its AMD or Intel. Things may change to a point that folks may tolerate the upcoming AMD Wraith CPU cooler. The Red team showed its upcoming (hopefully with Zen desktop CPUs and APUs) stock CPU air cooler design in a video and compares with the older/ currently bundled and annoyingly noisy CPU cooler.

AMD Wraith CPU Cooler

You can easily make out that the new AMD CPU cooler is noticeable bigger, maybe taller than the Noctua NH-L9x65. The video displays both the CPU cooler placed and recorded within its anechoic chamber at full speed. Just by hearing the noise level (and with the experience with a stock AMD CPU cooler, if any), you can really appreciate the difference in noise levels.

Judging purely by the noise level alone, one can only hope that some system builders will decide not to throw these away in the bin, like how the popular kids do it. It’s too early to talk about heat dissipation performance, but all we can do is hope now that it shows that an effort is made. Notice that its “AMD” logo on the CPU fan shroud comes with a backlit and its header cable is sleeved. Fair enough, though the placement of the LED backlit logo would go un-notice with vertical motherboard tray based PC cases.

AMD’s current stock CPU cooler’s noisy affair is known within the PC building community with a lower-cost systems. At the time, one would decide to either replace the fan or the entire CPU cooler itself. Back in the socket 939 days with Athlon and Opteron, I remember the good old copper backplate with two copper heatpipes. It was decent and it worked. I am glad to see AMD worked on something that was supposed to be done a long time ago.

But will this be good for very basic to moderate overclock? Who knows! That also depends on AMD’s Zen platform.

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