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ANTEC P280 Boxshot

Antec P280 Super Mid Tower Chassis Review

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  2. Packaging and Specification
  3. External Impressions Part 1
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  5. Internal Impressions Part 1
  6. Internal Impressions Part 2
  7. Test Bench and Installation Experience
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When I removed the screws for the sidepanel, I’ve observed Antec uses a standard screw with a plastic grip. Its not worth mentioning it and its not really important to note, unless the plastic comes out- which doesn’t seem to be the case here. The actual screw with the Phillips head is of metal. Even the quality of the plastic on these screws are pretty good.


There are 2 notable features here: One is that it uses and thick sheet of polycarbonate on both the sidepanels to dampen the sound the system would produce.


The second is that the sidepanels clips on the case perfectly that it is going to stay in place even if the side panels are secured by the screws.

Moving on…

Fan controller hub’s connectors are between the rear 120mm fan and the top 120mm fan.


The internal part of the fan controller is conveniently installed and its pretty easy to access.


Antec provides 3x TwoCool 120mm fans with 7 blades and 2 speed toggle controller that’s attached on the rear I/O panel. The low setting is rated 600RPM that pushes 21.3 CFM of air and produces 17.0 dBA of sound and in high setting is rated 1200RPM rated to push 42.6 CFM with 23.7 dBA of sound. _MG_8075

The hub requires power from a 4 pin Molex to power up the fans that use 3 pin header fans. I initially thought why is there an empty hole for the controller when one could have just made the hub for 3 of those controllers. I have one of the fans from Antec 900- a personal favourite- its a 3 speed step controller ball bearing type 120mm fan with Blue LED- back in the days when blue LEDs were more of a plus point rather than annoying. It clips on that empty hole perfectly and I can access all the 3 step controller from the rear.

It is this point I realized that other fans that Antec sells possibly with the same controller that can be clipped on it. Could you possibly use it to control the fan speed for the CPU cooler? Do note that only Antec fans come with these controllers- and hopefully the fans (I couldn’t make it out long they are and which one had the controllers). Just so that you want to know…



The motherboard tray has a very large hole for those who want to install the CPU cooler while the motherboard is mounted on the case. There are 2 holes on the top of the motherboard tray to re-route fan or the Molex Connector for the fan controller and even the 4 pin ATX/8 pin EPS cable to power up your motherboard.


There’s also an internal mount for 2x 120mm fans, but this isn’t the first case that uses this. Corsair has been doing it for a while. I don’t give attention to this part usually because when there are cable that come in the way around that area, especially the PCIE power cables for the graphic cards, you have to take care of the cables not touching the blades and the best way to ensure that is if you using a finger guard on the fans.


There’s also an extra hole between the 5.25″ bay and the motherboard tray to re-route more cables should you require. Vaguely judging by the space between the top panel and the section of the motherboard tray where the board is mounted, it looks large enough to mount a 120mm radiator on the top.


There could have been a clip or a support so that it can keep the cables and front panel headers all together before its routed through the rear motherboard tray. The 5.25″ bays secure the devices using a clip that can be seen from the case’s left sidepanel view and it simply slides in from the other side. There are 6x HDD trays that lets you install 2.5″ and 3.5″ drives, but also there’s a dedicated slide for 2.5″ SSD drives right on the top.


  1. theres also another flaw in the push pins. You push the pin in to remove in, but when you have to put it back in, you’ll need to remove the rubber base and push it from inside. gum on the feet will eventually wear out. why not just using the usual screw, washer and nut method? the case looks plain but its awesome. a poor man’s lian li super mid tower….

  2. i am very tempted to buy this case, but does have an option like Lian Li where you can change the top/front panel like how lian li has? Antec should update this case with 4x USB 3.0 ports on the front, followed by 2x 140mm fan mount on the top.

    can you suggest me any cases around $130?? i live in south airport line, Texas.

  3. Did you check out SilverStone Temjin SST-TJ04B-E and Corsair 650D? Prices for cases in Amazon seem to have magically got a $10-$15 on its own so do check out the reviews on other sites.

    I am afraid I can’t say about these cases. 1 because I dont silverstone for reviewing and Corsair is blacklisted as they’ve asked me to do favourable review of a particular product to which I refused to do so and series of situation escalated that the communication is terminated. besides I doubt the cases I’ve mentioned support xl-atx form factor.

    That’s why I gave Antec P280 an award, despite being an older case. If they update it with a 140mm mount with a 120mm optional mount on the top panel, this will be great.

    If you need more help, you’ll have to mention the system configuration.

  4. oh wow! never thought a brand like corsair would do that…

    but I wanted with xl-atx since I am planning for dual GPU setup and
    haswell. i dont want to spend a lot of money on a case so p280 made
    sense. do you think thinking of grabbing 800D makes more sense?

  5. depending on your system configuration. this supports eatx formfactor officially, but I think you could squeeze in a board with xl-atx formfactor but i’ll need to confirm it. but if it works out and you can afford it, yeah.

    personal preference is solid steel. you can take a look at cm storm stryker/trooper as well if you’re still sticking with xl-atx formfactor type, plus you’re getting a lot for your money’s worth.

    This is the review link of the CM Storm trooper. Stryker is the white version of the case

  6. looks like bitfenix ripped the designs of p280 and improved it…

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