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Antec One S3 Boxshot

Antec One S3 Mid Tower Chassis Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Packaging and Specification
  3. External Impressions
  4. Internal Impression Part 1
  5. Internal Impression Part 2
  6. Test Bench and Installation Experience
  7. Conclusion
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Mid-Tower Cases that costs within $100 mark were once limited to having 2x 120mm fans with 2x USB 2.0 ports and not much room for cable management, but since NZXT Gamma came around, things changed a lot. When you chop off $20- $40 off your pc chassis budget, choices and features are reduced naturally. Its a very crowded market- Indian buyers have choices from CM, Corsair and Coolermaster have been a common preference of cases which was once flooded with Zebronics case as a default choice few years ago. On top of it, BitFenix also has the Merc Alpha case too. Despite the limited potential one could cram in such cases, they do bring good option+ features+ accessories for those who want a simple case with all the bare minimum.


Antec isn’t a new player. They’ve been making cases- really good cases- for a very long time. At this point- everyone makes a good case. The Case quality and features are almost the same- with certain exceptions such as providing something else in place of something else (Bitfenix Merc comes with 4x USB 2.0 whereas other have 2x USB 3.0 with 2.0 header adapter)- and even minor difference in dimension. So where does Antec stand with One S3?

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  1. after adding $20 more you get 300R from corsair a much superior case. bitfenix and caselabs have good cases too. antec is late to the party and this is the party they should be an early bird…

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