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AORUS B360 Gaming 3 WIFI Motherboard Review

  1. About the new Intel chipsets and AORUS B360 Gaming 3 WIFI…
  2. Motherboard Design
  3. Motherboard Design (Contd…)
  4. Power Delivery, Heatsink Design BIOS and Layout Overview
  5. How its tested??
  6. PCMark 8 and Memory Profile benchmark
  7. SATA Performance Testing
  8. Boot Load Timings
  9. Transfer Test
  10. Conclusion
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If you want, you can remove this plastic overlay which rests over the rear I.O ports. There are no LEDs or wiring running under it. The motherboard looks better this way, but it all comes to preference.

Bare Motherboard Design

The AORUS B360 Gaming 3 WiFi uses a 4+3 power phase design with its power delivery controlled by Intersil ISL95866.

Chipset Area

If you notice the chipset area, there are some LEDs on it. You’ll also find LED underneath the audio codec area which is a typical bling you get to see on motherboards.

Heatsink Area

The motherboard VRM/MOSFET heatsinks are better designed. They may not have the traditional heatsink design like the leaked imaged of the X470 AORUS 7 WIFI, but anything is better than putting a piece of thick metal and calling it a day.

BIOS Overview

The AORUS Gaming 3 WIFI BIOS is pretty standard with advanced and EZ display. It doesn’t have a lot of difference than the Z370 version, with an exception to some features such as lack of RAID support and RAM/CPU overclocking.

There is one feature I did like (in a way). The BIOS has an inbuilt utility to adjust the LED lights. This is so much better than expecting people to download a separate utility where you can set the colours as per your preference.

Layout and Clearance Overview

The only challenge here is to install the EPS 12V ATX cable and the system fan header which is placed behind it when you have the plastic overlay. It is a problem when you try connecting those cables while the B360 Gaming 3 WiFI is mounted in the case.

The clearance between the DIMM Slots, the first M.2 slot with its heatspreader and the PCIe x16 has enough space. Even with the Noctua NH-D15S and the AORUS RX 580.


  1. Hey, thanks for posting.
    Which wifi adapter is suitable for fast internet connection?

  2. I’ve been using a PCIe WiFi card which uses an Intel AX200 in M2 form factor. These are pretty neat. https://amzn.to/2WG8gKr

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