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AORUS B360 Gaming 3 WIFI Motherboard Review

  1. About the new Intel chipsets and AORUS B360 Gaming 3 WIFI…
  2. Motherboard Design
  3. Motherboard Design (Contd…)
  4. Power Delivery, Heatsink Design BIOS and Layout Overview
  5. How its tested??
  6. PCMark 8 and Memory Profile benchmark
  7. SATA Performance Testing
  8. Boot Load Timings
  9. Transfer Test
  10. Conclusion
  11. Online Purchase Links
  12. View All

Transfer Test

I’ll be using the Kingston HyperX DT Traveler 64GB for this test via AORUS B360 Gaming 3 Wifi front panel header. This motherboard doesn’t have any of its USB ports use third-party controllers

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