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ASROCK Z87 Extreme 4 first to get Windows 8 certification

The NDA of Intel’s 8 Generation motherboard is still up which means the companies and the press who have the official information cannot reveal the information just yet, but it seems that ASROCK just can’t keep it in their pants as they announced that their Z87 Extreme 4 is the World’s first Intel 8 Series motherboard to pass Windows 8 Hardware Certification.


Microsoft gives Hardware certifications for their operating systems as a symbol to point out that the hardware is compatible with their latest operating systems. Windows Hardware Certification emphasizes on certain required policies and a series of test procedures for the systems and its drivers before they give away the shiny badge. It goes without saying that everyone will eventually have this, but eventually and as a matter of time, someone will want to play the ‘World’s first’ game.

Source: Hardware Zone Singapore

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