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Asus GTX 650Ti DirectCU II TOP GPU Review

  1. Introduction
  2. About GTX 650Ti
  3. Packaging and Specification
  4. Closer Look
  5. Test Bench and Testing Methodology
  6. Futuremark Benchmark
  7. Cinebench Benchmarks
  8. Unigine’s Heaven DX 11 Benchmark
  9. Temperature Testing
  10. Battlefield 3 (Chapter: Operation Swordfish)
  11. Dirt 3 DX11 Benchmark
  12. Passion Leads Army (Unreal 3 Engine) Benchmark
  13. Residential Evil 5 DX10 Benchmark
  14. Sniper Elite V2 DX11 Benchmark
  15. Conclusion
  16. View All

Asus GTX650Ti DirectCU II is a non-reference version of the GTX650Ti that is released just now.


GTX 650Ti is a mid-end card aimed to be as successful as how 9600GT  was back in the card. GTX 650Ti has 768 Cuda core with the base clock of 925MHz, support for up to 1GB/128bit GDDR5  and memory speed of 5.4Gbps using only a six-pin PCIe power connector to power up the card. The reference version comes with 110w TDP and supports PCI Express 2.0 with bandwidth support for 2x DVI and mini HDMI output by default. Unfortunately, I really believe that- as far as stock counterpart goes- single slot would have been great to see here.


One comment

  1. strange that nvidia doesnt give reference models for testing to reviewers. still the card seems pretty good for something primarily made to fill a gap in the keplar series but amd as usual would do a price cut if it was as good as 7850.

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