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Asus GTX 660 Ti DirectCU II TOP 2GB GDDR5 GPU Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Packaging and Specification
  3. Closer Look Part 1
  4. Closer Look Part 2
  5. Test bench and testing methodology
  6. Futuremark Benchmarks
  7. Cinebench OpenGL Benchmarks
  8. Catzilla Benchmark
  9. Unigine Heavens DX11 Benchmark
  10. Unigine Valley 1.0 Benchmark
  11. Battlefield 3 (Operation Swordfish) Benchmark
  12. Dirt 3 DX11 Benchmark
  13. Sleeping Dogs DX11 Benchmark
  14. Passion Leads Army (Unreal 3 Engine) Benchmark
  15. Resident Evil 5 DX10 Benchmark
  16. Resident Evil 6 DX9.0c Benchmark
  17. Sniper Elite V2 DX11 Benchmark
  18. Conclusion
  19. View All

If you need a good factory overclocked card, here you go! The card performs well with DX10-DX11 higher settings. If you don’t want to overclock but need that boost, DC2T does the job, or else you’re happy with GTX 660Ti stock or GTX 660, depending on the cost.

But it should be noted that GTX 660 and GTX 650Ti TOP edition still has headroom to overclock, but when it comes to performance this card sweeps in. Remember, you’re paying a premium over the reference versions of GTX660Ti, but as pointed out, they do use a sink for the MOSFETs and Phase, not to mention the fuse to protect from over voltage on the 2x 6Pin PCIe Power Connector and on the PCIe interface and the SAP components.

India (Online Retail) U.S. U.K.
Rs. 22,313/- £268.21

I couldn’t find DC2T version of the card in Amazon U.S., but there is DC2O version which comes with the base clock of 1058MHz.  967MHz, that’s 52MHz more than the reference version and 92MHz lesser than the DC2T edition. The DC2O version costs $308.45 at the time of writing.

The Indian pricing is not bad, considering the U.K. price translates to Rs. 22,461.51/- after conversation (1 British Pound= Rs. 83.75 INR at the time of writing).

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