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Asus releases its MX1000 wired laser gaming mouse

Asus ROG showed off its new MX1000 laser gaming mouse with adjustable dpi between 50 and 8200 with a PTFE feet six programmable macros.

Interestingly the MX1000 also comes with a high quality (as per Asus ROG press release) mousepad. The dpi is a 4 level switching that can be changed by pressing one of the buttons on the mouse and each setting changes the LED colour on the input device (red, orange, green, black).

The specification are as follows:

Specifications Asus ROG MX1000
Sensor Laser
Resolution Adjustable 50dpi-8200dpi
Interface Wired
Weight 150g-175g (based on five 5g weight configuration)
Dimensions 128mm x 65.5mm x 43.5mm
System requirements Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
Power consumption 5Vdc/100mA



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