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Asus also produces jeans for everybody!

No kidding! They do make jeans. As Asus jeans Websites clearly says that the mission is “to build on our history of product excellence to provide the highest-quality and most reliable products and services to our worldwide customers.”. Lee and Wrangler, beware!! This comes with 12 phase!!!

Founded in Istanbul in 1995, ASUS dedicated itself to designing, producing and marketing the highest quality Turkish clothing. ASUS has grown into a major force in Middle Eastern, European, Russian, African textile markets. Now ASUS export its products more than 40 countries. All our present and future projects are intended to enhance excellence by closely tracking and moderating world fashion trends in domestic and international area. ASUS JEANS is a brand of EK-TEKS Textile.

Asus jeans boxshotNot sure if this is part of Asustek, but it does use Asus’ logo design.  Sadly for some people, there’s no “Republic of Gamers” Series clothing yet! 🙁

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