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Asus RAIDR PCIe 240GB SSD’s Initial Benchmarks

The guys at Ocaholic have got their hands on Asus RAIDR 240GB PCIe x2 2.0 card and  ran ATTO, CrystalDisk Mark and AS SSD Benchmarks to give an initial impression.

As a refresher, Asus claimed that the RAIDR SSD can do 765 MB/s Sequential Read and 775MB/s Sequential Write with 120gig and a very impressive 830 MB/s Sequential Read and 810 MB/s Sequential Write. These drives use Dual LSI SandForce SF-2281 and 19nm Toshiba MLC flash NAND and uses PCIe x2 2.0 as an interface. These run on RAID 0 by default.


Ocaholic’s run with the 240 GB unit came up with much lesser set of numbers. With AS SSD, it did 701.36 MB/s Sequential Read and 531.54 MB/s sequential write, which is 128.64 MB/s Sequential Read and 298.46 MB/s Sequential Write.


ATTO hits about 787 MB/s Read and 778 MB/Sec Write. Its not that bad, but it should be pointed out that the initial numbers don’t seem to be matching the benchmarked marketed by Asus.


Maybe these are initial versions with initial/ Engineering sample with not-really-meant-for-release firmware (The firmware on the AS SSD does show it as MV.R00-0). As Ocaholic pointed it out:

We’re curious whether or not ASUS is going to release a firmware update for this drive, since two SSDs in RAID0, using a SandForce SF-2281 controller are capable of delivering faster results.

Stay tuned for any updates.

Source: Ocaholic

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  1. very disappointing! :(. I expected better out of asus. i have changed my plans to grab 2x samsung 840 240GB on RAID 0.

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