Asus Xonar U7 USB DAC

Asus Xonar U7 USB DAC Review

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ASUS is offering a lot on this sound card. I can’t think of any other budget USB sound card offering 5.1 channel audio, coaxial output and built in headphone amp. They pulled out a big surprise by offering excellent SQ for the price and a very capable headphone amplifier. Its build quality is also very good, and driver support is excellent with support for legacy OS like Windows XP as well as Windows 8 support.

India (MSRP) U.S. U.K.
Rs. 6,000/- NA £73.81

If ASUS was retailing for Rs. 10,000/- I would have given it a VFM rating. This is considering its build & sound quality, connectivity options and ease of use. But since Asus pointed out that the suggested selling price of this unit is Rs. 6,000/-, that makes it as a good buy.


Disclosure: The Xonar U7 USB DAC is provided by Asus About the Xonar lineups! Asus had launched a few USB sound cards some time back like the U1 and U3. However, those were basic solutions for laptop owners to upgrade from crappy onboard solutions. What's with the Xonar U7? However, the U7 is a very different breed of USB sound cards. First, it's much larger than the aforementioned U1 and U3 but has a more premium build quality. Secondly, it has tons of connectivity options that is very rare for a USB powered sound card which will appeal to a…

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