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Asus Z87 Maximus VI Gene Motherboard Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Packaging, Specifications and Contents
  3. Motherboard Overview
  4. BIOS and Setup
  5. Test Setup and Testing Methodology
  6. Futuremark Benchmarks
  7. Storage Benchmark: AS SSD
  8. Memory Benchmark: Maxxmem2
  9. USB 3.0 Transfer Tests
  10. Overclocking Impressions
  11. Conclusion
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When I first got the board, I was sure that I would be blown away- And I was. This little board has been crafted with some amazing components that truly shines in pushing the limits. In my mind, this board like most others out there will have no issues doing faster speeds than most other boards larger than it in size are currently doing, but what makes this so special is the fact that it does so with such ease, that overclocking has gone from a long drawn out affair to something so easy that it literally took me 5 minutes at most to get the RAM running at 2666MHz. I even pushed for 28xx and got achieved it, all be it with another 5 minutes.

However,there are some things I would change about it. While I absolutely love the BIOS it is just a little too much, as it is easy for someone new to overclocking to get lost within its long and confusing clutches. I also would like to see a version of the Gene ship with the complete Wi-Fi bundle as this would make it so much more appealing to the LAN party crowd.

Don’t get me wrong, the PCIe combo card is absolutely wonderful and finding a wireless card for it should be no trouble. The problem lies with finding the antennae required to bridge the gap from the card itself to the rear I/O shield. ASUS could probably sell the board without the Wi-Fi module itself but retain the wires. I also would like ASUS to drop the NGFF SSD slot and get a PCI-E SSD slot instead as they are far easier to procure and are also way faster then NGFF. Apart from these small niggles, the board is rock solid and offers a boat load of features.

Intel has a fairly straightforward roadmap. Each year is a new architecture followed a shrink of the architecture the next year, this has been known as a “Tick-Tock” cycle. This year we are greeted with the “Tock” in the form of Haswell. These new chips come with their own new sockets (LGA 1150) and new chipsets (Z87, B87, H87 and so forth). With every new product launch from Intel, the market is flooded with a new generation of motherboards from all vendors, each with its own USP and each trying to make a niche for itself in the overcrowded and…

Review Overview

Build Quality - 9.5
Overclocking Functions - 9
Bundled Accessories/Add-ons - 8.5
Performance - 9.5
Value For Money - 9


BBQ Score

Summary : All in all, I'm so impressed with this board, that I am considering putting my money where my mouth is and building myself a new pc based around this board. It makes a wonderful base to plant the rest of my components. It has rock solid stability and offers the world, when it comes to the ability to overclock. And it does all this being mATX in size. Its just perfect for a nice LAN party rig.

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