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Asus Z87 Maximus VI Gene Motherboard Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Packaging, Specifications and Contents
  3. Motherboard Overview
  4. BIOS and Setup
  5. Test Setup and Testing Methodology
  6. Futuremark Benchmarks
  7. Storage Benchmark: AS SSD
  8. Memory Benchmark: Maxxmem2
  9. USB 3.0 Transfer Tests
  10. Overclocking Impressions
  11. Conclusion
  12. View All

The BIOS has been completely redesigned from the ground up in this generation of boards. It is UEFI based and still carries the ROG colours, but that’s where the similarities between this and the last generation of boards stops. Many, many more functions have been added and can be found below. You can literally spend a few days tweaking settings here and messing about, till you are satisfied with the results.


This is a wonderful BIOS to work with and offers so much to overclockers. I have included a snap from each page of the BIOS so that you can get a sense of the settings available to you. BIOS version used was 0711 available from the ASUS support website. It was the latest at the time of testing.


asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_007 asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_008 asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_009 asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_010 asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_011 asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_012 asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_013 asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_014 asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_015 asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_016 asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_017 asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_018 asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_019 asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_020 asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_021 asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_022 asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_023 asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_024 asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_025


asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_026 asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_027 asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_028 asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_029 asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_030

‘Exit’ Menu

asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_031 asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_032 asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_033 asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_034 asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_035

‘My Favorite’ Menu


‘Extreme Tweaker’

asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_001 asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_002 asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_003 asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_004 asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_005 asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_037 asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_038 asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_039 asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_040 asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_041 asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_042 asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_043 asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_044 asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_045 asus_maximus_vi_gene_bios_046

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