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Audioengine A2+
Audioengine A2+ Front View

Audioengine A2+ 2.0 Desktop Speaker Review

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Installation was fairly straightforward. The DAC works as a plug and play. Windows/Mac automatically detects the drivers and then you need to set the default sound card as the Audioengine A2+ There are no additional drivers or software to install. So if you wish to tweak the sound further you will require a 3rd party equalizer or other similar software.

Power is provided via the bundled switching power supply. The power supply seems to be of a fairly decent quality and much better than what you get from many Chinese manufacturers. There is a gold plated USB connector to attach the speakers to your PC or laptop which is a nice touch. One minor issue which I didn’t like is that there is no ON indicator. So if you are troubleshooting why the speakers aren’t working there is no reliable way to tell if the speakers are receiving any power. A small LED indicator would go a long way in help in troubleshooting.

Connectivity options are sparse, but you don’t really require much with powered speakers. You can now pass through signals unamplified to another unit like a powered subwoofer if you so wish. Such a feature was absent in the earlier Audioengine A2. You can also receive audio directly from say another DAC if you so wish. A recommended accessory to purchase are the Audioengine DS1 stands that can angle the speakers towards your ears which improve the sound as these speakers should best when positioned directly towards your ears.

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