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Benchmarks of retail Core i5-4570 and i7-4770K leaked

Unlike the previous benchmarks which involved Haswell’s i5-4570 and i7-4770K which were engineering samples from Intel, these ones were retail processors.

The admin of a Chinese based ‘RedQuasar’ forum posted the pictures of the processor which confirm that these are retail chips, followed by CPU-Z and benchmarks using Windows Experience, 3DMark 11, AIDA64, Super Pi, Fritz Chess, Cinebench 11.5 and few more.
The admin also posted the screenshots of i7-3770K and compared with i7 4770 oced @ 4.5GHz.

But as CPU World pointed it out, the oced processor wasn’t stable enough to go through Cinebench 11.5, let alone thinking of passing Prime95 and such stress testing was out of the question. The processor when stressed after overclocking was hitting high temps.


i7 4770k_i54570Ki7 4770k_i54570K_2

i7 4770k_i54570K_rear

i7 4770ki5 4570K

Haswell Rear

To sum it all up:

Benchmarks Core i7-4770K Core i5-4570K Core i7-3770K Core i7-4770K
3DMark 11 X5085 X4983 X5022 X5103
AIDA64 read 22190 MB/s 20660 MB/s 23247 MB/s 23127 MB/s
AIDA64 write 22673 MB/s 20927 MB/s 20704 MB/s 26125 MB/s
AIDA64 copy 29739 MB/s 28351 MB/s 24907 MB/s 30651 MB/s
Super Pi 9.344 10.187 9.329 8.018
Fritz Chess Benchmark 14398 11476 14683 17461
Cinebench 11.5 CPU 7.82 6.06 7.88
Cinebench 11.5 OpenGL 75.93 68.26 57.74

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