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Bioware’s ‘You’ve been chosen’ teasers pops out!!

Till now, Bioware has released three teaser videos about its upcoming and unknown game title that they’re being silent about for some reason. It was assumed that the ‘You’ve been chosen’ teasers could be a part of its upcoming game ‘Shadow Realm’, but it was later told that the campaign is not a part of the game, but its not a new franchise either.


After looking at all three teasers that came over the weeks, the game seems to involve random individual discovering that they have super-powers (except nightmare, sucks to be him if he’s nightmare every time he sleeps!) after showing-off by creating a disaster. The teasers are titled ‘Spark’, ‘Nightmare’ and ‘Impact’. They also have put up a ‘You’ve been chosen’ promo website.

The teasers, like any teaser you would expect, raises more questions than answers. One of the teasers have the message ‘The time is near, they are watching. Your power is rising!’. Hopefully, Bioware will answer the questions. But to give some clues, germans can check it out at the following address and time:

Cologne Marriott Hotel | 08.13.14 | 3PM – 7PM CEST Johannisstrasse 76-80 Cologne North Rhine-Westphalia 50668 Germany

For the rest of us, Bioware is having a live telecast via Twitch’s ESL channel between 4PM to 5PM CEST.

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