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Bitfenix Colossus Micro ATX Case Review

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  2. Packaging and Specification
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The only main concern I have is the space to connect the SATA connectors for the SSDs. BitFenix should provide a bit more space to ensure proper connection. There is no alternate mounting for the 2.5” drives, so that’s all the more reason BitFenix should fix that. An airfilter for the base will be helpful. Thanks to generic awkward positioning, BitFenix could help by providing a longer front panel audio cables. Accessing the rocker switch on the power supply will require you to tilt it, but having the power supply on the front is a brilliant idea.

There are some minor inconveniences that would affect some people to a point that they’ll eventually get around the issue. Unplugging the right angled power supply cable was bit tough and took some time. Again, a minor inconvenience. Small cases will have limitations. How the limitations are handled is something that’s important. With a modular power supply that uses flat cables and a water cooling setup, you’ll solve a lot of problems. But most of the problems can be handled if you do it in a particular order. I can say a lot of things- “should provide space between the base and the motherboard”, “should provide space between the top panel and the PCIe slots” and “should allow installation of fans from the top”, you’re going to end making this case taller. At the end of the day, you can build a good gaming system that you can keep on your desk. You can install a lot of components provided you do it in a particular order and you’re set! Thanks to BitFenix for not using a push-pin plastic case feet. I am really curious to know how it’s like to put together a system with BitFenix Colossus M, the miniITX version of the case with a radical difference in internal layout.

I rarely nitpick about the price difference, but this would be an exception. In the U.S., this case costs $109 (which translates to 6,668 INR) but in India its sold for a USD equivalent of about  $130. Usually, price differences between cases in India and United States reflect minor differences, with an exception to full tower cases, especially the aluminum makes. With the older distributor, BitFenix cases were sold at a reasonable price, and it was something that one can purchase online via Flipkart. Except the fans, you do not see any BitFenix cases listed like how I used to see. It’s something that one should reconsider and re-evaluate the pricing in India. I did manage to find the case listed in eBAY India.

  • Lot of space for an mATX case
  • Cable tie loops in the right place,
  • Provides a space to install 120mm tower-type air coolers
  • 240mm radiator mounting option
  • SofTouch coat on the front and top panel
  • Metal Case feet
  • 4 LED light options
  • Requires more space for connecting SATA connectors on the SSD
  • No air filter option for the base
  • Front panel audio cable is too short for motherboards with header next to the PCIe slot
  • Installation of WC radiator will few PCIe slots and the 5.25” bay
India (online) U.S. U.K.
 Rs. 8,000/- $109 £73.51


  1. Hoew the fuck have you mounted PSU in that case? How power cord is connected to it?

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