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Bitfenix Outlaw APAC Edition Inverted ATX Chassis Review

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As of now, this is my impression so far: Antec- after looking at P280- they can give you good Super Mid towers for a low cost price and good space+ “unofficially” let you mount an EATX form factor. Coolermaster is great too- especially they cooked CM Storm Trooper/ Cosmos S2.

But BitFenix simply is making a lot of effort in low-cost cases. You can see it in Shinobi, you can also see that on Merc Alpha. I prefer Outlaw over Merc Alpha. Why?

  • They provide 3x sleeve bearing fan (APAC Edition only) with matching LED, depending on the colour choice of the front panel mesh- compared to others with same/similar budget who provide one.
  • the inverted ATX solves a lot of problem- cable mess between the HDD and GPU which requires 6 pin power cable and also soundcards which uses front panel headers and floppy power connector.
  • It also solves the problem of not requiring to reroute the 8 pin EPS cable
  • You can use all the HDD mounts without worrying about not able to stuff the 10.5” long GPUs. The chances of end users using all the 4 HDD mounts is much higher than people using all the 4 mounts for 5.25” bays.
  • Vibration pads for the 2x 3.5” drive bays.
  • 4x USB 2.0 ports with a space of 1/2” between them so even if you use multiple thick USB flash drives/ devices,- no problem!
  • Cable tie clips in the required areas- especially on the top panel.

I didn’t like the mounting for the SSD on the base though, especially having the need to turn the case upside down to secure the screws. There were some screws missing as well so BitFenix need to take care of that. BitFenix also should have used vibration pad+ 6-32*8mm thumbscrews for all the HDD mounts. Also providing a 2x 3 pin male to Molex for the front fans and if they can, either provide space between the motherboard and psu- or a dust filter on power supply’s fan mesh on the underbelly.

The cost of the case of non APAC Edition are as follows:

India U.S. U.K.
$49.98 £39.90

The cost of APAC Edition (Asia Pacific Only) are as follows:

India U.S. U.K.
Rs. 4,200/-
Cheap cases are everywhere and something that sells pretty quickly too. They’re light and the enclosure is good enough for most people with few requirements and doesn’t cost a lot. This is the Bitfenix Outlaw Asia-Pacific edition. The speciality apart from the low cost is the inverted layout. You’ve read about Betfenix’s cases that I reviewed before. They’re proved to be good cases with good value so far. So what’s more there to offer (Other than USB 3.0 headers) for cases that cost well under $60? Well, outlaw comes with an inverted ATX layout. Nothing new with cases like this.…

Review Overview

Build Quality - 8
Space - 7.5
Cable Management - 10
Fan Mounts - 7.5
Expandability - 7.5
Features - 7
Value for Money - 10


BBQ Score

Summary : Rs. 4,200/- INR translates to $76.36 but over here in includes transit insurance. APAC costs roughly $26.38 more because in APAC edition you get 3x Sleeve bearing fan with LED lights- in this case it was orange to go well with the orange coloured mesh on the front panel. If you’re least bothered about sleeve bearing fans, with the exception of the first point they all apply. Do note that SofTouch coat is there on the non-APAC model whereas APAC model doesn't have a SofTouch coat & there is no tool-less clip, but I've been told the non-APAC has thumbscrews+ vibration rubber grommet on the mounts instead.


One comment

  1. at the very least for apac, they should provide air filters considering many asia pacific countries have their issues with dust, not just india. but such concepts should be more adopted in super Mid towers rather than just low cost cases…

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