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BitFenix Shinobi Window ATX PC Chassis Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Specs, Packaging and Accessories
  3. External Impressions
  4. Internal Impressions
  5. Installation Impressions
  6. Conclusion
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The left side panel has a black tint acrylic sheet with a 120mm mount. The rest of the panel is plain-Jane matte black finish.

The front panel has meshed vents on the sides of the panel and goes through the top panel. The rear panel is where 120mm fan is mounted by default with an option to install a 92mm fan. There are 2 rubber grommets provided. The case comes with 7 PCI slots and you can mount the power supply on the bottom.

A part of top panel has a mesh for the fans, also that’s where you’ll have all the necessary front panel connectors and Power/Reset Buttons.

From the left, there are 4x USB 2.0 ports, Speaker and Mic jacks with the usual Power/Reset button. It would be nice to see a USB 3.0 ports being provided in this day of age especially since newer motherboards are coming with USB 3.0 headers.

The panel on the bottom has 2x 120mm vents- first one from the left is for the power supply’s fan and second one with screw mount is for a fan should you need to install one. Both vents come with air filter. As you can see, the case feet is installed.

The front and the top has “soft touch” on the surface. It’s not rubber, more like a smooth finish feel on the front and the top panel (Reminds me of MX510. No, not I am not referring to MX518). Feels good. There’s also enough on the top panel to put any of your external drives or other devices.

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