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BitFenix Shinobi Window ATX PC Chassis Review

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True to its name, Shinobi Window is a very well built case that looks ordinary from the outside but the internals are great to work with, with 2x 120mm fluid bearing fans and much-better-than-Coolermaster Elite Series tool-less clamps with space enough to accommodate power supplies with annoyingly large and thick cables with large GPUs. Something that Lan Gamers would like- or else if you just want a decent case that does the job. There is a premium difference Shinobi and Shinobi Window, as mentioned before, the non-window version doesn’t come with Windowed side panel with a 120mm fan mount, a 120mm fan on the front and the tool-less 3.5″/5.25″ clamps. Smooth surface on the front and on the top is more like an icing on the cake should you choose to purchase it.

Shinobi Black Shinobi Black Window Shinobi White Window
Rs 3,900/- Rs 4,750/- Rs 4,750/-

Shinobi non-windowed would have smashed up NZXT Gamma and Source 210 (Non-Elite) real good if was under Rs. 3,000. Shinobi Black Window, on the other hand, should have had 1 more 120mm fluid bearing fan on the front and/or 2x USB 3.0 front panel ports provided.

BitFenix reminds me of NZXT in a lot of ways, difference is that BitFenix is stepping up real fast compared to what NZXT has taken few years to rise up. Its a very good case to work with and if it wasn’t for the price/USB 3.0 ports and/or a fluid bearing fan- I don’t see why would 1 not give it 5 stars all the way.

India U.S. U.K.
Rs. 4,750/- $ 78.72 £ 49.30

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