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Bitfenix working on miniITX Prodigy

Bitfenix got a lot of attention with a lot of their cases, one of them was Bitfenix Prodigy. When I was in Taiwan for Computex 2012, I met the Bitfenix guys and he said that a lot of people have been asking larger than mini-itx form factor version of the prodigy.

That was a long time ago. Bitfenix recently posted a Facebook image asking “likes” of minimum 2000 of those would like to seem-atx (maybe even ATX???) of Prodigy. There’s no information about the actual specs, but one can at the very least hope for the same features/awesomeness that mini-ITX version that Bitfenix Prodigy has.


Well, one can already do a guesswork that Bitfenix already has the larger version of this PC case, but we’ll just go with the flow and maybe give a like. But as of now, we can get to see larger size prodigy soon and hopefully it will be as attractive as its smaller version.


  1. ATX formfactor will make this case look like a big ugly box

  2. Roshan Ashraf Shaikh

    Depends a lot on the design. One can speculate easily BitFenix will be showing off this case only during Computex so we’ll need to wait for that…

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