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Case Labs issues an apology for accusing Thermaltake

Earlier it was reported that Case Labs accused Thermaltake (especially Shannon Robb) for ripping-off case designs and also posted a lot of information about interaction between Kevin Keating, the Vice President of Case Labs and Shannon Robb, an employee in Thermaltake. The Situation escalated quickly and people (including reviewers and Youtubers) taking sides. Some didn’t care, some practically went on a witch hunt in Facebook, tech forums and even in Reddit. Some welcomed it because it did bring aesthetics and design accessible to a larger crowd.



Though to be fair, Core series don’t really share any similarities with the Aluminium horizontal variant from Case Labs. Even with Core X9, it was a larger case which can accommodate larger radiators and have a lot  of space. What really boiled the situation was with Case Labs SM8 and Thermaltake’s W-Series that was showcased at Computex 2015. Thermaltake F51 also shared aesthetic similarities with Fractal Design Define R5.

But it seems that the dust has settled, at least from Case Labs’ end. Thermaltake sent a Press Release containing two scanned letters of Case Labs providing an apology to Thermaltake. Earlier Case Labs not only accused the company of not only banking on similar aesthetics but also saying earlier that it is an Asian business with poor character and integrity. They also apologized to Shannon Robb who was in the center of the whole incident for ripping off the designs. Though its a bit strange that Case Labs didn’t post any updates in its Facebook page, but Thermaltake sent an apology letter to all those who seem to have reported it in the near past.

Case Labs Apology ThermalTake


All is good, but Case Labs in the end did say that it will be looking forward to engage in vigorous, price conscious and ethical completion without resorting to  false accusations. Who knows, maybe this will turn out for the best for consumers if change its approach. In any situation, the consumer wins due to multiple choices.

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