China officially lifts 13-year old ban on video game consoles

After 13 years, China has approved to lift the ban of sales of gaming consoles. The ban was originally implemented sighting concerns that it would encourage Chinese youth to purchase violent video games which (according to them) will create mental health problems. This a follow up of a news that was put up earlier.

There are no reports about allowing consoles to access the internet. It was pointed out earlier that console manufacturers will have to make certain changes, such as removing social network integration with Facebook and Twitter.

This move however isn’t something that is implemented for gaming consoles alone, as Apple had to do the same for iPhone in regards to removing Facebook and Twitter integration and maybe comply with other restrictions. Apple, Inc. had to comply and the end result justified the move as Apple has a HUGE market in China alone.

As of now, gaming consoles were only available via the black market.


Regardless, the Chinese market is too large for Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo to ignore, and this lift is practically a gold mine. Also knowing that Microsoft and Sony are geared up for their upcoming next generation consoles, the timing seems perfect-maybe too perfect.

All that remains now to be seen: Who is able to cash this effectively.

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