CM Storm Alcor Optical Gaming Mouse Review

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I like the mouse. It’s a low-profile mouse, feels pretty good, decent build quality, very light and also the scroll wheel can be used at a fast pace. Sensor performance? Nothing special for an optical mouse. I can sense that a lot of people will love to have this mouse mostly because the low-profile. Though some people would consider lightweight to be a con rather than a pro. If you like the way it feels and don’t mind the weight followed by an easy flow of the scroll wheel, this is a pretty good mouse to consider. I find it strange that it has 128kb memory and there’s no software to do anything with it- macro, key assignment, LED.

CM India informed that the company will be providing software for CM Alcor. They’ve also informed that U.S. will be following its own launch schedule.

On a different and unrelated note, I am curious to know how different mice reacts to different mousepad surfaces- irrespective of the sensor, firmware, brand, etc. I’ve retired my very old Razer Goliathus Control oversize edition and replaced with a very large and tempting Corepad XXXL desk pad that has a smoother surface. I plan to get a friction type pad like the control edition, followed by a cloth pad with a lighter shade on the top and a hard pad (I am curious to get a first-hand experience with hard pads).

What’s also strange is that CM Alcor isn’t listed in any of the U.S. based retail websites. I can’t help buy wonder why Alcor isn’t available in the United States, or if they would be another variant of Alcor (Note: This is speculation as of now) for North American markets. You’ll never know!!

I feel that CM India should to shave off few hundred rupees and distance this mouse away from Mizar’s existing pricing- or at the very provide a rubber grip of the Alcor.

  • Lightweight
  • No sharp edges
  • Low profile design
  • Soft feel paint
  • Well-placed buttons
  • No software to assign macros or to turn off the logo backlit.
  • Could have used rubber grips on the side
  • The performance of the optical sensor (Avago 3090) isn’t really bringing anything new to the compared to other optical gaming mice
Coolermaster introduced 3 new mice: Reaper for the Aluminium series, Alcor and the Mizar. Reaper was evaluated previously. Alcor is an optical mouse which uses Avago 3090 sensor and its as light as up to 120g with the cable and 86g without the cable. A lot of people would appreciate a very light mouse, some will not. A Logitech G400s weight without the cable is 118g, so those who have used MX518/G400/G400s can easily speculate how light the mouse really is. Keeping aside the weight factor, let's see how good this mouse REALLY is! The packaging is pretty much the…

Review Overview

Built Quality - 8.5
Buttons Placement - 10
Grip Comfort - 8
Reviewer's Impression - 8.5
Overall Response - 9
Value for Money - 9


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Summary : So it all comes down to preference: You like l0w-profile mouse with light-weight and feel with the scroll wheel? This is a pretty good mouse to have. But I really feel that CM could have gone one step further and just provide a rubber grip on the Alcor as well and just be done with it.

India (Online)
U.S. U.K.
Rs 3,250/- £32.08

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