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CM Devastator Gaming Gear Combo Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Packaging, Contents and Specifications
  3. Closer look and Overall Impressions- Keyboard
  4. Closer look and Overall Impressions- Mouse
  5. NKRO/6KRO Testing
  6. Conclusion
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They keycaps do come with almost the same ‘feel’ (either that, or I am paranoid) as how CM’s mechanical keyboards. The keycaps are laser ethced, which is pretty good to see along with the fact that the keyboard has LED backlit.



Most sections of the keyboard comes with matte finish black casing, with few strips of gloss finish- on the wrist rest and on the sides of the keyboard. The keyboard uses USB port with plastic jacket for the cable.


The design of the shell is nicely made and would most likely appeal to a lot of those who want a keyboard that looks a bit different. Nice touch.


In all honesty, it does feel a bit weird shifting from mechanical keyboards to a membrane counterpart especially for the review. At the end of the day, it’s a membrane keyboard but what makes it feel better than any ordinary keyboard are the keycaps. The keys have decent spacing around them so that’s also appreciated.

The multimedia keys are above the function keys and the audio controls are above the print screen/ scroll lock/ pause keys.


From left, there’s the STOP, Play/pause, rewind and fast forward. I feel that the laser etching on the volume keys could have been done better- at least have a spacing between the volume sign and the –/+ symbols.



I see there’s a missing strip of rubber grip at the underbelly of the keyboard. But even with 4 corners, it does a decent job in holding the keyboard in its place on wood and granite surfaces. On glass surface, it does cause a bit of a friction as well, so unless you are exerting an amount of force on the keyboard, it shouldn’t move away from its place.


The retractable case feet doesn’t have the rubber grip. It sort of feels bit odd not to see rubber case feet of the retractable feet, only because of the fact that CM has put pretty generous amount of implementations on the keyboard.

The backlit is much appreciated, a feature that’s pretty much should be a standard on keyboard with the word ‘gaming’ or ‘multimedia’ tag.






The keyboard doesn’t have adjustable LED light option, but the illumination does a decent job and the blue LED light is not ‘harsh’. It should be noted that you cannot turn on illumination while being on the BIOS page, at the very least on the 890GPA-UD3H motherboard via USB. Even the blink of the scroll lock keys after successful POST boot doesn’t lit up. Interestingly, both the blink to indicate successful POST boot and full illumination of the keys does work when you’re using a USB-to-PS/2 adapter. Mind you, the adapter is not bundled with the keyboard.

Maybe the full illumination during UEFI/BIOS screen may depend on the motherboard that you’re using?

One comment

  1. for $30 it is pretty good. i think if cm can provide atleast a guaranteed 3KRO then it should be pretty awesome. i think that bios backlit is one of those weird issues, but its interesting to see it worked with a ps/2 port. maybe the roll over works with ps/2 port as well?

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