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CM Devastator Gaming Gear Combo Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Packaging, Contents and Specifications
  3. Closer look and Overall Impressions- Keyboard
  4. Closer look and Overall Impressions- Mouse
  5. NKRO/6KRO Testing
  6. Conclusion
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The mouse has a matte finish body and keys. The rings on the side of the scroll wheel, the DPI switch and the section of the mouse as a backlit indicator, followed by the front section of the mouse.



The rear shell of the mouse doesn’t have backlit LED, but it does have ‘dotted’ designs on it.


Towards the side of the mouse, there is a large enough rubber grip which sweetens the deal overall. Towards the left, you have the usual side scroll buttons.


There are four mouse feet that create a bit of a friction on a textured mouse pad (like on my Razer Goliathus Control Edition mousepad). After using it for a while, the friction is reduced a bit. I doubt it will be any problem with smoother mousepads. The mouse uses an optical sensor.

What separates the feel of the mouse in comparison with the generic counterparts is the shape of the mouse, followed by the grips on the side and a dedicated DPI switch. However, I wish the edges of the lower section of the mouse had smooth edges as I feel bit discomfort around my palm. You do get used to it eventually, but not having that edge will go a long way.

The mouse that I use, Logitech G400 will be a better choice. On the bright side, it does have a pretty good rubber grips on the side.


As you can see from the picture above, the edge of the mouse up to the point where you have the side buttons is angled, but from that point to all the way to the other side there’s an edge. The edge is not sharp, but having that angle on the sides would be much preferable and more comfortable, especially for those with large hands.

The response of the mouse is pretty decent enough but in all honesty usually I don’t have the need to go anything more than 800- 1600 dpi. Still, there are easy access buttons where you get 3 levels of DPI options. The first dpi level 1000 is where the dpi switch backlit is off, followed by lower backlit illumination for 1600 dpi and highest illumination indicating 2000 dpi.


The backlit on the scroll wheel is bit different from the backlit on the other sections of the mouse.



One comment

  1. for $30 it is pretty good. i think if cm can provide atleast a guaranteed 3KRO then it should be pretty awesome. i think that bios backlit is one of those weird issues, but its interesting to see it worked with a ps/2 port. maybe the roll over works with ps/2 port as well?

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