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CM Elite 130 mini-ITX PC Case Review

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CM sticks with its usual “elite” type front panel design- the signature front mesh with honeycomb frame on the inside.

The front of the case is meshed, with a thin glossy plastic strip and matte plastic on the sides. CM provides 2x USB 3.0 ports along with the audio jacks and 1x USB 2.0 port, followed by LED indicators, power and reset button.

Judging by the rear, the power supply is top mounted where you can remove the PSU frame, install the frame on the power supply and slide it in. This is helpful, considering after installing all the components, you get less room to stick you hand in, let alone a power supply.CM also provides 2x PCIe slots. Mini-ITX motherboards have one slot, but most gaming-grade reference and non-reference cards are dual-slot. There’s a vent between the PSU mount and the rear I/O cut-out. The case will only allow low-profile CPU coolers or even the stock coolers. Well, you can always strap a 120mm AIO cooler by mounting the radiator towards the front or on the storage drive tray which faces towards the right side of the case.

Both sides of the case have vents but as you can see on the right side panel, there’s a fan mount from the inside. A part of the top panel has vents and it has an air filter from the inside.


CM is using plastic case feet-ugh! You can see a lot of section where cable tie loops and HDD/SDD keyhole-type mounts are provided from the inside, but no vents.

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